The New Media Designer

There are many different ways that humans interact with media and usually they don’t even realize it. Reading a newspaper, watching television, and browsing the internet are all examples of how humans iteract with media. These all allow you to find out something or see something new that then can cause you to use the media in some sort of way.

Media has changed a lot in the past.  It all started with cave paintings and has made it all the way to cell phones. Cave paintings brought way to motion picture with live music. That had slowly developed into television once voices and music were recorded. The next thing to evolve was the computer for design and programming help. Many changes had occured to the computer before it was available to the general public. This finally leads us to the development of mobile devices, which have greatly changed throughout the years.

Digital media is like media in the past. Digital media evolved from media in the past.  This means that some of the tools and types of media from the past is still used today.  However, their are some tweaks and advances that have been used to make media in the past into digital media.  Some examples would be the change of just newspapers being printed to the fact most newspapers also publish their news online.  Another example would be the changes from old printing tools/machines to the tools/machines they use today.

The future will always hold digital media and media from the past. There might even be a new type of media within the next few years. The media world is growing so anything is possible. The future for someone studying digital media, such as myself, will always be interesting. It will affect my life because all the new ideas and just seeing new things will strike my creativity. It will affect my future because I will have to keep up with all the changes that will be occuring and all of the new types of media that will be created.


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