Emotional Blocks

I was given an assignment to make six pictures, each picture containing only three black boxes. The catch though was to make each picture represent the six emotions that we were given; anger, frustration, fear, excitement, joy, and contentment. After taking a few hours to think about it all, I finally jumped and started to make these pictures. Who knew how emotional you can make a picture with only using three blocks. Here are my emotional block pictures.

This picture looks like an angry person. The bottom box serves as a mouth thats open yelling and the top boxes are the eyes which are tilted just slightly to make it look like a mean face.

This picture was made to look like the two bigger boxes are overpowering the smaller box. This portrays frustration to me because the little box is frustrated with the bigger boxes.

This picture displays fear. The little box is in fear that he might get squished by the bigger boxes.

This picture shows excitement. Each block seems to be part of a party, as if they were party poppers or confetti.

This picture looks like a person who is happy. The bottom box is used as a smile and the top two boxes are used as eyes.


This photo shows contentment because it seems the blocks are satisfied and happy. Each block is like a person that seems to have nothing wrong with them and just content.


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