Working & Living Digitally

What is working and living digitally? Well lets break the words apart. Digitally refers to something that is done using technology. Working and living, well that is simple enough, it is what you do and where/how you live. Now to put them all back together you get something you do or a way of living that is done using technology. This day in age, working and living digitally is normal.

I was given a project to study a topic that is either classified as working digitally or living digitally. I chose 3-D graphic design. To start this project, I first need to find information on my topic. So below is a list of articles that helped me understand my topic.

Web Sites

  1. 35 Insanely Realistic 3D Renderings by Quenton Narcisse.
  2. How 3-D Graphics Work by Curt Franklin.
  3. 3D Graphic Art Resources by Unknown.
  4. 25 Tasty 3D Graphic Design Treats by Unknown.
  5. 3D Enhancements Add New Dimension by Earl Wilken. Found in Graphic Arts Monthly through ProQuest search.
  6. What does 3D entail by Simon Tuckett. Found in Step-by-step Graphics through ProQuest search.
  7. Bump and Shine: Getting Down with New 3D Hardware Effects by Lisa Washburn. Found in Game Developer through ProQuest search.
  8. What is Graphic Design by Unknown.
  9. 99 Sites All Designers Must Know About by Jacob Cass.
  10. Why Graphic Design by Michael Bojkowski.
  11. Design Cast 46: The Graphic Designer’s Home Office by Wes McDowell.
  12. Work at Home Series: Graphic Design and Illustrator by Tiffany.
  13. A Short Introduction to Graphic Design History by Unknown.


  14. Digital 3D Design by Simon Danaher
  15. Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects by Isaac Kerlow
  16. Paper Engineering: 3D Design Techniques for a 2D Material by Natalie Avella
  17. 3D Computer Graphics by Andrew Glassner


  18. Chris Labrooy
  19. Sam Rogers
  20. Wade Wood
  21. Simon Danaher
  22. Garrett Gray
  23. Ryan Colditz
  24. Ali Bitaraf
  25. Katie Jayne Roberts

After doing some research, I can start to work on my project and end up with a short video over 3D graphic design.


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  1. […] This project is further more explained in my other blog post, Working & Living Digitally. […]

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