Java Story Book Application

For my sophomore project class, I have decided to make an interactive story book application by using java code and my own drawings. I had started my project by doing research on children oriented applications and animation java code. My idea for the story pictures is: Picture Storyboard. My thoughts for the code itself  is: Code Layout & Picture Code Layout.

The checklist of things I want to accomplish are:

  • Clickables (able to click on characters and objects with a popup of what it is)
  • Sound (background music and someone talking through the story)
  • Animation (characters waving and pages flipping over as if you are actually reading the book)

My timeline:

  • Complete pictures by March 24th.
  • Start main application code by March 24th.
  • Add in the clickables to the code by April 8th.
  • Add in sound to the code by April 15th.
  • Add in animations to the code by April 29th.
  • Troubleshoot any problems by May 9th.

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