Words of Wisdom About College

As I am sitting here with fellow classmates, I started thinking about college life and I really wish I knew what I did now when I first started college. I mean not everything is a cake walk. I went through a lot of struggles and regrets. So here is the truth. There are awesome classes and stressful classes. But the worst part of it all is when you hit senior year and you realize that you did not learn as much as you wished. You learn that some classes or some teachers taught you nothing. You learn that you wasted your time away not actually trying to improve yourself by teaching yourself extra or more advanced stuff. You may even realize that all your anger is because of one teacher or multiple teachers that you never learned anything from. Maybe its all the classes you slept through and still could pass with an A. How is that possible? Well anything is possible is what I learned in college. I am facing graduation and all the thoughts are crashing in my head. Am I good enough for a job in this career? Should I go back to school for something else? Can I succeed in life? Well all of these questions should be answered with a yes. The best thing to do is go at things with a positive attitude. I’ve learned that no matter what challenges you went through, you will succeed. Not only did I drop out of college once, went through hugely stressful situations through college, and even got bullied/attacked by an academic educator; the point is anyone can make it through successful if you put your mind to it. So future graduates I hope you know to always think positively and to just keep trying. Nothings easy but you can always be successful if you put your mind to it.


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Social Media Platforms

In our social media class we had to get new platforms that we haven’t used before and try them out. I have started using Tumblr and am in love with it. I may only have 2 followers at this time but I am following a lot of people. I also have messed around with Yik Yak and am not incredibly impressed with it. The last new platform I got was LinkedIn. I haven’t messed around with this one much because I don’t know how to properly use it to help me in the future. Now for old platforms. I have gained 30 followers on Twitter since this class started and I now use Snapchat even more than I ever had before.

Social Media Class

We are almost half way through the semester and I am still very skeptical about this class. I was expecting so much more and haven’t seemed to learn much. I feel like I know how to use social media just the same amount as I did before I started this class. I have started using more social media platforms so I do know more about what all is out there. However, I wish I knew how to properly market myself using social media. I wish this class was about this. It would be very useful for college students. But towards the positives of this class I have found out a lot about how people have screwed up on social media. Most of our class discussions are articles about how social media was used negatively. There have only been a few that were positives. Almost all of the articles were also majorly outdated for being social media which also is a downfall.

Facebook Marketing

Friday in class we discussed the topic of paying for Facebook marketing. This topic related to one of my tasks I was given through On The Record, our school’s online newspaper. I manage their Facebook page and post to it quite frequently. We do not have the funds to pay to boost each one of our posts so we can get more views on our page. However, I have found a way around having to pay to boost each post and still allow us to get hundreds of “organic” views on each of our posts. This was done by simply sharing each post on my personal Facebook page and having others share each post on their personal page. When a post is shared on a personal page it is more likely that people will see it then just have it posted to our On The Record Facebook page. When I first started sharing the posts we were only getting 20 or less views on all of our posts. With each new post we have received more views and our last post has managed to be viewed by 1,382 people. Why is this important? Well, it is important because the more views we have means the more people who may like our site and of course means our post has been seen by a lot of people. The motto of our newspaper is to get the work of our students to be seen by others. I believe this has been accomplished. Yes, our posts may not be seen by everyone on campus, but we are spreading the word around about our talented students and that is what matters. The fact that we managed to work around paying to boost our post is just a plus.

Should you Fling?

I have recently downloaded the Fling app to my phone just to see what everyone was talking about. When adding it I was fully prepared for nothing but creepers but to my surprise it is the opposite. Yes, there are still those creepers but there is also those who share their culture or pictures of landmarks around the world. How about we rewind a little bit. I am sure some of you reading this are utterly confused on what I am talking about. So, what is Fling? Fling is an app similar to Snapchat that allows you to send pictures or chat messages to people around the world. These pictures and messages go out to 50 or less users and they even include a map of general locations of where they are sent. I honestly wouldn’t send a selfie out to these strangers but seeing the difference between how we live and others live is what makes this app great. The only bad part is after adding this app my phone has non stop went off with “flings”. I can go to bed and wake up in the morning with a 100 “flings” to go through. But, as for the question “should you fling?”, yes I think you should especially those who have witnessed other cultures.

Advancing in the World

Well here’s to becoming a social media guru. I am currently taking a class in social media technology and we were asked to broaden our horizons when it comes to social media. Recently I have opened up a tumblr account, a linked in account, and a yik yak account. They are all different then what I usually use which is facebook, twitter, instagram, and snapchat. But it’s always a good thing to keep up with the new trends. I will be posting throughout the semester about the progress I have been making