Should you Fling?

I have recently downloaded the Fling app to my phone just to see what everyone was talking about. When adding it I was fully prepared for nothing but creepers but to my surprise it is the opposite. Yes, there are still those creepers but there is also those who share their culture or pictures of landmarks around the world. How about we rewind a little bit. I am sure some of you reading this are utterly confused on what I am talking about. So, what is Fling? Fling is an app similar to Snapchat that allows you to send pictures or chat messages to people around the world. These pictures and messages go out to 50 or less users and they even include a map of general locations of where they are sent. I honestly wouldn’t send a selfie out to these strangers but seeing the difference between how we live and others live is what makes this app great. The only bad part is after adding this app my phone has non stop went off with “flings”. I can go to bed and wake up in the morning with a 100 “flings” to go through. But, as for the question “should you fling?”, yes I think you should especially those who have witnessed other cultures.


2 thoughts on “Should you Fling?

  1. Jeff says:

    If I can locate my lost phone (somewhere in my house) I will have to dl that app. Thanks!

  2. ppiper says:

    I think Fling sounds amazing! I would not have imagined that it would be filled with that much cultural diversity and experience. I can’t wait to hear more about your experiences with this app =]

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