Facebook Marketing

Friday in class we discussed the topic of paying for Facebook marketing. This topic related to one of my tasks I was given through On The Record, our school’s online newspaper. I manage their Facebook page and post to it quite frequently. We do not have the funds to pay to boost each one of our posts so we can get more views on our page. However, I have found a way around having to pay to boost each post and still allow us to get hundreds of “organic” views on each of our posts. This was done by simply sharing each post on my personal Facebook page and having others share each post on their personal page. When a post is shared on a personal page it is more likely that people will see it then just have it posted to our On The Record Facebook page. When I first started sharing the posts we were only getting 20 or less views on all of our posts. With each new post we have received more views and our last post has managed to be viewed by 1,382 people. Why is this important? Well, it is important because the more views we have means the more people who may like our site and of course means our post has been seen by a lot of people. The motto of our newspaper is to get the work of our students to be seen by others. I believe this has been accomplished. Yes, our posts may not be seen by everyone on campus, but we are spreading the word around about our talented students and that is what matters. The fact that we managed to work around paying to boost our post is just a plus.


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