Social Media Platforms

In our social media class we had to get new platforms that we haven’t used before and try them out. I have started using Tumblr and am in love with it. I may only have 2 followers at this time but I am following a lot of people. I also have messed around with Yik Yak and am not incredibly impressed with it. The last new platform I got was LinkedIn. I haven’t messed around with this one much because I don’t know how to properly use it to help me in the future. Now for old platforms. I have gained 30 followers on Twitter since this class started and I now use Snapchat even more than I ever had before.


One thought on “Social Media Platforms

  1. Sounds like your new social media accounts are gaining traction. In a post like this, consider the power of the image. One way to do this is to share screenshots to add emphasis to what you are saying. Also, you could link to the resources you are referring to, like your Tumblr page or your Twitter profile.

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