Peterson Brothers

As a part of my class we looked at the Peterson brothers and how popular their videos have become. We discussed different interviews with them online and we talked about those. Also, we went into discussion on similar videos. I think it was great to go into depth on the subject and find out why the Peterson brothers chose to do videos about agriculture. They chose agriculture because they knew it was a topic that needed to be talked about and addressed. It was also great to see that there are others doing the same thing as they were about the same topics. We watched one video of a little kid doing a Kary Perry song about agriculture and then another one on the meatrix. The meatrix video I felt was horrible however it did have a good message behind it.


2 thoughts on “Peterson Brothers

  1. In what ways was the Meatrix video horrible? I’m wanting to be sure I follow you correctly here. Was it horribly produced, like an amateur would make? Was the subject matter horrible to watch? Help me understand.

  2. smholsapple says:

    Sorry. Let me explain a little better. I thought the Meatrix video was horrible due to for starters having to pick a certain pill to take. I understand it was to base it on the Matrix but I feel like any point made after is invalid due to the fact of starting with invalid points. It was a decent production. There were parts that could of been better however. I definitely would not think an amateur did it though. The subject matter was a very good thing to get out to the public. I just believe the way they produced the information was not so great.

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