Discover Program

This year I was given the opportunity to be a part of K-State Salina’s Discover Program. This program allowed girls in local Girl Scout troops receive their entertainment technology badge. Throughout the night the girls attended three different sessions; computer animation, sound effects, and sound editing. The girls were given the opportunity to edit an animation with after effects, mess with everyday objects to make sound effects, and hear different ways sound can be manipulated. For animation, I did a short presentation on the steps that lead up to animating something and then showed them how to manipulate a fish jumping into a fish bowl. For sound effects, the girls were explained how sound effects can be made by almost and anything and then they were allowed to mess with different stations we had set up to see how everyday objects can make different sounds. For sound editing, I talked to the girls about how sounds or voices in movies may be different in real life compared to a movie. I had them pick a word and say it backwards and then applied a reverse function to it so they can see how close they got to the actual word. Also, I had them say a word and change the pitch and speed of the word they said. Overall, the girls seemed very excited to have learned everything that they did and the program went very smoothly. The experience I gained was priceless. Seeing how the girls reacted to the sound editing and the animation along with how creative they were was very inspiring.


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