Who The #$&% Is Jackson Pollock?

There are many movies and documentaries  in the world about artists and their art work. One that I had gotten the chance to see recently was “Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock?”. This documentary is about Teri Horton’s life after she had purchased a painting at a thrift store. She tried selling the painting at a garage sale only to find out it is possible that it is one of Jackson Pollock’s paintings. Teri then had a set a goal to prove that the painting is a Jackson Pollock and sell it for the millions of dollars that it was worth. The film compares the personalities of Teri and Jackson to being similar. They both were stubborn and would not settle for anything less than what something was worth. This can be said about Jackson because if he thought the painting was worth more than he was offered he would not accept the chance of selling it. This quality is shown in Teri because she would not settle for a smaller amount of money than what she knew the painting was worth and she would not just let an art guru say the painting was not a Jackson Polluck since she believed it was.

With all of the hassle Teri went through with the art experts I have realized how crazy the art world can get. All you need to say a painting is by a famous artist is documentation of ownership. However, in Teri’s case when she finally made up a story, which I must say was exceptionally crazy, most art experts did not want to believe it. It was almost like they thought she was a crazy lady. A crazy lady she was not though. She had gotten the help of a forensic specialist, Peter Paul Biro. Biro managed to match a fingerprint on the painting with one from a paint can of Pollock’s studio. He also managed to match up paint chips from the studio and the painting. This seems proof enough to  me that the painting is a Jackson Pollock, but to most art experts they still did not want to believe it.

Overall, I would have to say this documentary gives a glance into the art world along with the style of Jackson Pollock. The fact the film followed Teri Horton relates an everyday person’s life to that of a person of the art world’s life. If you haven’t seen ityet, I highly recommend you watch it.