Words of Wisdom About College

As I am sitting here with fellow classmates, I started thinking about college life and I really wish I knew what I did now when I first started college. I mean not everything is a cake walk. I went through a lot of struggles and regrets. So here is the truth. There are awesome classes and stressful classes. But the worst part of it all is when you hit senior year and you realize that you did not learn as much as you wished. You learn that some classes or some teachers taught you nothing. You learn that you wasted your time away not actually trying to improve yourself by teaching yourself extra or more advanced stuff. You may even realize that all your anger is because of one teacher or multiple teachers that you never learned anything from. Maybe its all the classes you slept through and still could pass with an A. How is that possible? Well anything is possible is what I learned in college. I am facing graduation and all the thoughts are crashing in my head. Am I good enough for a job in this career? Should I go back to school for something else? Can I succeed in life? Well all of these questions should be answered with a yes. The best thing to do is go at things with a positive attitude. I’ve learned that no matter what challenges you went through, you will succeed. Not only did I drop out of college once, went through hugely stressful situations through college, and even got bullied/attacked by an academic educator; the point is anyone can make it through successful if you put your mind to it. So future graduates I hope you know to always think positively and to just keep trying. Nothings easy but you can always be successful if you put your mind to it.


One thought on “Words of Wisdom About College

  1. ppiper says:

    I agree with you. I wish I had been working ahead in my classes; I would know more than I do now, which would lead to more confidence. It sucks to realize this during the last semester when time is limited. But, you definitely have come a LONG way and you’re doing an amazing job! I know you will figure it all out in the end =]

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